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“My music comes from the momentum i’m in while recording” she told, a Norwegian magazine.

Royane is a Moroccan and Spanish artist living in Norway. She grew up listening to a mix between Arabic music, and hip-hop/RnB. The grooves and production on her music are bass-heavy, cinematic and a good blend between emotion and more up to date club music. The 15th of March 2019 she released her debut single “Antidote for Love”.

In just a handful of years Royane went from a well-known Instagram influencer to one of the most anticipated hip-hop/R&B artists Norway has to offer internationally.

Royane Harkati was born in Morocco in 1992. Royane attended school in Morocco for her first 3 years of her life, before she moved to Norway at an age of 9.

As Royane grew up she got a lot of attention for her makeup and fashion style on social media, and gained a good amount of followers in a short amount of time.

In 2021 Royane participated in Eurovision song contest and dancing with the stars in Norway and impressed the audience with her creative expression and originality.


Oslo, Norway


Royane Management

+47 987 76 926


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